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Professional Background

I qualified as an Occupational Therapist in 1988. I trained in Oxford, England, and specialised in Paediatrics and Child and Family Mental Health.

I moved to Germany and worked with British military families with children with special needs. It was a tense time politically, and the fathers were often away, which meant the mothers left were alone to manage the stressful demands of children with disabilities.

I found myself working primarily with the stressed mothers, helping them learn to regulate their emotions and to connect more deeply with their children. I realised that my priority was not the physical functioning of the child, but examining the family’s emotional tone and climate so that the system could better support the child.

This prompted a career move into Child and Family Mental Health in the UK. As a senior therapist, I used psychotherapeutic modalities to support children and families with emotional issues. I worked with everything from eating disorders, bedwetting, nightmares, sleep disorders, the effects of bullying, school refusal (children refusing to go to school), and anxiety, but I found my place working with children who had suffered a trauma, loss, bereavement or abuse.

I used creative therapy techniques and play therapy to help these children connect to their trauma, express and release their emotional stories, and create some acceptance. In addition to ongoing personal development training and supervision, the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Unit provided further training and practice in Family Systems Therapy and bereavement training.

I moved to Dubai, where I created and implemented Attachment Parenting workshops for mothers and had my own two children (I have been a mother for the last twenty years). I founded Journey to Wholeness to support mothers who were experiencing painful challenges in their parenting practices.

Other Training

I have trained in Transpersonal Psychology and Depth Psychology. A certified Jungian Life Coach and a WAVE Process®  Practitioner, I play an integral role in the continued development of the WAVE Process® curriculum.

Personal Background

Originally from England, I grew up mainly in Africa and the Middle East. An avid traveller (my family has lived in 40 countries), since early childhood, I’ve understood that ‘the journey’ is both an inner experience and an outer reality. As a very sensitive and shy expatriate child, I remember being immersed in my own dream world and in nature. I love spending time outdoors; I like simplicity and nature in its raw state. 

Dubai has been my home for over twenty years. I’m curious about people, and fascinated by culture, diversity and storytelling. I love laughing and connecting with my children and my tribe.

I am a single mother with two incredible teenagers, both of whom had traumatic pregnancy or birth stories. An advocate of attachment parenting practices including co-sleeping, baby-wearing, and long-term breastfeeding, I believe that our children are both our deepest mirrors and our greatest teachers.

Having inherited my family’s interest in consciousness-expanding and healing modalities, I have a thirst for knowledge and understanding and I am always seeking new horizons. I am dedicated to self-discovery, awareness practices, and conscious living, and I love dreamwork, automatic writing and expressive painting. I believe the body speaks the mind, and that we can literally bend reality through creative visualisation.

I am passionate about empowering women who seek to know themselves, and people who are ready for real transformation.

I am Nicki Anderson, the Founder and CEO of Journey to Wholeness.

Journey To Wholeness

Journey to Wholeness started as a passion project.

As a single parent coming to terms with a divorce, I noticed that I was being triggered and that I was reacting to my children in ways that were inconsistent with my attachment philosophies and my parenting vision. I realised that I was spilling over; I was unable to contain myself and put my own stuff aside in those moments, and I didn’t want those triggered times and my overreactions to become my children’s memories. I wondered how many other mothers were unable to respond rather than react because they were processing a childhood memory, current pain or an old emotional ghost that still haunted them.

I trained in the WAVE Process® so that I could support mothers and help them to be fully present for their children; parenting triggers offer us the opportunity to connect deeply with ourselves, understand our reactions, and transform blocks that keep us stuck. 

Journey to Wholeness grew and became a standalone company in 2017.

I now offer services that empower women in their relationships with themselves, their bodies, their parenting roles and practices, their intimate relationships, and their passion and purpose.

Journey to Wholeness uses a framework of Jungian Psychology and the WAVE Process® (a coaching and communication tool) to examine difficult triggers, uncover, access and transform unconscious blocks, and create powerful lasting changes and empowered living for the True You.