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Love is an Inside Job
Conscious Relationship

If you’re single, are you disillusioned because you haven’t met anyone with whom to have a loving relationship even though you have a lot to offer?

When you do meet someone, do you find it difficult to be in a relationship despite your best efforts?

Do you feel like your relationships always end in pain and rejection even though you do all the work?

Do you go from heart-break to heart-break and wonder whether you’ll ever find love that lasts?

Do you find it hard to trust, and do you fear rejection?

Are you feeling trapped in a toxic relationship? Are you feeling used and neglected?

It may seem like it’s impossible to find a fulfilling, lasting love. When your heart has been bruised repeatedly, it can be hard to pick yourself up again and to risk opening yourself wholeheartedly to another person.

"The best time to work on your relationship is before you get in one."

~ C.J Jung
It can be hard to trust love.

You may lose faith in men and in your abilities to attract them and be with them. You might start to wonder whether there’s something wrong with you, and whether you are hopelessly unlovable and fatally flawed. 

You may lose faith in your ability to love and be loved. You might give up on love because you start to think that love is something that happens to other people. 

The love that you experience in your relationships is strongly determined by the attachment experiences you had as a child. We each create a ‘love blueprint’ based on the love we received from our parents and the ‘love patterns’ we created in our original family. These patterns influence the types of men you feel drawn to, the way you express love, the love you feel worthy of receiving, and the quality of your love relationships.

When you are unaware of your attachment history, you pick people who keep playing the same roles. You automatically choose partners who fit your unconscious understanding of what love looks like.

You may conclude:

  • ‘I am the one who ends up with nothing.’
  • ‘I am the one whom everyone leaves.’
  • ‘I am the one who works so hard and gets only the crumbs.’
  • ‘I am the one who gets left for someone better.’

You may decide you’re just doomed to meet these types of men, and that you’re bad at relationships and unworthy of love. But the truth is that you’re unconscious about your own conditioning.

According to psychologist and psychiatrist Carl Jung, “Until we make the unconscious conscious, it will direct our lives and we will call it fate.”

"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it."

~ Rumi
Journey to Wholeness’ Love is an Inside Job program

Journey to Wholeness offers a program called ‘Love is an Inside Job’.

The program draws on Depth Psychology, Attachment Theory and Interpersonal Neurobiology to help you examine your unique story about love, and find real love based on who you truly are.

What can you expect from your Love is an Inside Job sessions?
  • A deeper understanding of your unique attachment programming and the unconscious love patterns that you bring to your relationships

  • Support as you transform those patterns and create new beliefs and visions based on your connection with the true you

  • Creative visualisation exercises to reprogram your mind and heart and to help you trust that you deserve an incredible relationship
Love is an Inside Job
Love is an Inside Job

"Boundless love always manages somehow to sparkle through your limited form."

~ John Welwood
Your Therapist

The Founder and CEO of Journey to Wholeness, Nicki Anderson is a DHA-registered, Dubai-based Occupational Therapist specialised in Child and Family Mental Health. She qualified in 1988.  Nicki is also a Jungian Life Coach and a Certified WAVE Process® Practitioner.  

You can read more about Nicki here 

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Client Testimonial

“Nicki is truly gifted with the ability to create a non-judgmental environment, and make sense of what can seem like chaos. Her approach is tailor-fit to her client’s needs and sensibilities, and allows emotional, spiritual, and psychological growth to flourish naturally. I reached out to Nicki with the aim of cleansing & detoxing from a dating relationship. Our vision together was to go on an inward journey and cultivate self-love. She empowered me to identify my patterns and grow love within, instead of seeking it outside. Leaving each session, I felt productive and progressive and looked forward to our subsequent meetings. With Nicki’s successful counselling today, I am in happy and successful marriage. I would highly recommend Nicki to anyone who wants to live the most amazing emotion called “Love”. She will take you on a journey to true wholeness.”

Nam, Dubai