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Emotional Eating
Nourishing the True You:  Freedom from Emotional Eating, Food Battles & Bulimia

Do you find yourself obsessing about food?

Are you thinking about what you’ve eaten today, and how many calories you’ve consumed or burned?

Do you overthink your diet, plan meals excessively or undereat?

Are you exhausted by the negative mind chatter about the shape and appearance of your body? And caught up in self-loathing that constantly downgrades your worth?

Do you crave certain foods and find yourself stuffing them down on autopilot to soothe an emotional issue?

Do you binge eat secretly or suffer from full-blown bulimia?

Do your issues with food, fat and your body shape consume your life and affect your intimate relationships and the quality of your experiences?

If this sounds like you, know that you are not alone.  Many women struggle with food issues in silence.

"Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know."

~ Pema Chödrön
Do you want to transform your relationship with food and your body and finally feel comfortable in your own skin?
Emotional Eating

When you obsess over food and plan your day around a nagging inner critic that regulates your eating, there is no space for life to flow to you. You become disconnected from the abundance that you could be experiencing. Your energy is depleted, and you’re in battle mode, on red alert. Every food binge is followed by a wave of regret that perpetuates the loneliness and self-disgust. The mirror can seem like your worst enemy, and it can feel as if you will never escape the secret, dark pit of depending on food to fill the emptiness within.

Psychologist Anita Johnson, a specialist in women’s eating disorders and author of Eating in the Light of the Moon, believes that a core factor in a woman’s issues with food is her perception of the world as hostile to her intuition, her sensitive vulnerabilities and her emotional world.

You may have learned not to trust your feelings or your body, the apparent source of all those scary emotional experiences. Fear of being overwhelmed by the wild wolves of your emotional life may have caused you to disconnect from the core of your being and from the colourful inner life that empowers and guides you as a woman.

You may have been a sensitive, intuitive child who learned to disguise your vulnerable feminine understanding and emotions by stuffing them down with food. If your emotions were considered ‘too much’, or people were dismissive of your sensitivity and intuitive understandings, you may have concluded that your feelings were somehow ugly, threatening, and unsafe for people around you.

"Making peace with food requires that you transition from a place of fear to a place of love.”

~ Dr. Anita Johnston
Food can seem like one way to manage emotions, to create comfort and connection, and to satisfy your emotional hunger.

Disordered eating soon becomes a place of safety when you are trying to make sense of your emotional needs.  Real hunger and emotional hunger trade places and become indistinguishable.

Women who struggle with food have lost their connection to their essential nature.  Food acts as a metaphor for what you really need to in order to nourish yourself from the inside out.

"Hunger can really be about much more than food. Hunger can be about the need for comfort and nurturance, the need for self-expression, the need for spiritual fulfillment. Any of these needs can leave us feeling a certain emptiness inside. But when we interpret all hunger as a hunger for food, these other hungers get buried deeper and deeper and never get taken care of."

~ Dr. Anita Johnston
Journey to Wholeness and the Emotional Eating Program

When you feel ready to liberate yourself from the prison of disordered eating and to learn to trust your ability to truly nourish your body and yourself, Journey to Wholeness supports women with a combination of Jungian psychology, creative expression, bodywork and the WAVEtm (a powerful coaching and communication process).

What can you expect from your Emotional Eating sessions?

  • A deeper understanding of your unique journey with food, fat and dieting, and of the unconscious stories and hidden scripts behind your food battles and eating behaviours
  • Support as you examine the hidden metaphor behind your cravings and emotional reliance on food, so you can create a new reality based on a growing trust in the True You beyond the food issues
  • Encouragement as you connect with your emotions and self-expression, and support as you release buried emotions from the past so you can begin to trust your own emotional intelligence, inner guidance and your ability to know what you need
  • Support as you learn to distinguish between physical and emotional hunger
  • A strong sense of empowerment as you tune into your emotions, intuition and creativity and rediscover your true hungers.
  • New healthy behaviours that nourish your highest vision for yourself

“To be free we must change the way we see, not the way we look.”

~ Dr. Anita Johnston
Your Therapist

Nicki Anderson qualified as an Occupational Therapist in 1988.


When she worked with children with emotional issues, she often found that they also had eating issues. She has used cooking with children as a way to explore issues related to emotional nurturing and maternal deprivation.  In her work with female clients, emotional eating and bulimia frequently show up as part of the tapestry of concerns.


Nicki uses creative therapies in her practice, and works with the metaphor of the food craving or binge story.

You can read more about Nicki here 

Contact Nicki at nicki@journeytowholeness.ae for a complimentary introductory session.

Client Testimonial

“WOW well where do I begin with Nicki? I knew in my mind for a long time I wanted to change and after years of battling with food, it had to stop. I wanted to be free from these eating patterns and severe restrictions I had put on myself. I was so tired of it. To give you a bit of background I began obsessing over what I ate from the age of 13. I started to restrict my calories to ensure I was ‘thin enough’ and ‘good enough’ in my mind. Looking back now that was the worst decision of my life, but I know I did this to mask different issues underneath. At the age of 17, I became bulimic which spiralled out of control. I went to university and to mask how socially anxious I was, and the feelings of ‘I’m not good enough’ binge eating and being sick became my life. I now know that I used eating to cover how I felt. It masked the insecurities underneath and diverted my thoughts. I had done a lot of therapies, seen counsellors been on anti-depressants, tried alternative therapies like hypnotherapy but nothing seemed to work.

My first session with Nicki blew my mind (in the best way possible) She really helped me to see and understand why I was using food in the way that I did. Each session just got better and better. I would go away feeling so much better with new understandings each time. Underneath all my eating disorders lay a lot of anger and sadness around my mum and dads divorce and the lack of support I had during my teenage years.

Through seeing Nicki, I really began to let go of anger and sadness from the past and move forward with the real me. The calorie counting has now stopped and over time I am learning to love and accept who I am which is not based on how I look. I am learning how to eat again and what feels right for me which is exciting!!!! Without Nicki’s support, I wouldn’t be where I am today and I know this is the right path for me.

I would recommend Nicki to anyone whether you’re struggling with eating or anything else in your life. She is truly a ray of sunshine and will help you on your path to freedom.”

Margaret, Dubai