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Premature Birth
Premature Birth is Traumatic

Are you struggling to come to terms with your child’s premature birth? Did you know that your unresolved thoughts and feelings about their birth could affect the way that you parent? 

When your child is born prematurely, it is incredibly stressful. 

Any visions you had for your child’s birth were shattered by the need for medical care, the fight to keep them alive, and fears for their safety. If you feel angry and betrayed, you may need to grieve because you were denied the ‘ideal birth’. 

You may feel hopeless, powerless, overwhelmed and totally unprepared to parent such a tiny infant. 

If you were unable to hold your newborn, you may find that you’re anxious about handling, comforting and nurturing your child after the crisis has passed. 

A skilled therapist can help you process the anguish of a traumatic birth, and its effect on your bond with your child.

Premature Birth program

Journey to Wholeness will help you move through challenges so you can parent calmly and confidently. 

What can you expect from your Premature Birth sessions? 

  • A non-judgemental space where you can process your experience of your child’s birth, and release any fears, stress and trauma
  • Support to explore the emotions that surface in day-to-day parenting, especially when there were medical complications
  • A better understanding of your parenting triggers
  • Tools that will help you connect with your child
Mother and Child
Your Therapist

The Founder and CEO of Journey to Wholeness, Nicki Anderson is a DHA-registered Dubai-based Occupational Therapist specialised in Child and Family Mental Health.  She has a special interest in supporting the mothers of premature babies. She uses a deep processing and communication tool to help people work through the emotional challenges of parenting a premature child. You will also benefit from Nicki’s work with Attachment Theory and Conscious Parenting.

Since 1990, Nicki has worked as a Paediatric Occupational Therapist for children with birth trauma, a Community Occupational Therapist for children with special needs, and a Teacher’s Assistant at several nursery schools.

You can read more about Nicki here 

Contact Nicki at  for a complimentary introductory session.

Client Testimonial

“I think no woman can ever be fully prepared for motherhood. We can read books, we can talk to family and friends and we can refer to our own childhood but, when a baby is born too early there is nothing to prepare you. Working with Nicki in a personal and professional capacity I have been able to come to terms with having my son being born prematurely. Accept, understand and appreciate the feelings I have when I am reminded of those days and understand why in the current day how and why they resurface. I never want to forget what happened to my family and Nicki has helped me process these feelings and understand why they occur so when I feel breathless, anxious, out of control and in fear it’s no big deal anymore because I just “get it”, I understand, I appreciate and I love. Nicki has armed me with tools I didn’t know existed or I needed. Thank you, Nicki, from a once fragile heart, thank you.”

Joanne Hanson Hallowell, Founder of Small and Mighty Babies