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The WAVE Process®

The WAVE Process® is described as the ‘missing link’ in the art and science of empowerment. It has a lasting effect on your life and is truly transformational.

How does the WAVE Process® provide the solution?

The WAVE Process® supports you to move through emotional triggers that cause you to react, and frees you up to respond in a calm, confident, loving and clear way that diffuses conflict and power struggles.

It supports you to make clearer decisions, communicate effectively, build fulfilling relationships, and enhance the quality of your life.

What is the WAVE Process®?

The The WAVE Process® is a 4-step process that moves you into true empowerment through the power of connection.





Nicki enrolled in the WAVE Process® Coach Training Certification to enhance her skills as a psychologically trained Occupational therapist specialized in Child and family mental health. From May 2012 to current date, we have been working together. Also, Nicki is playing a significant role in helping create our programs and curriculum. My business partner, Dr. Meg Hanshaw and I look forward to Nicki's continued contribution as a gifted and intuitive individual and coach. She is an active listener, communicates effectively, asks powerful questions, shares massive knowledge and resources, and helps create action steps that move her clients forward. Nicki’s desire and unique gifts as a person and a coach will contribute to her success in helping and training individuals, parents and kids to reach their fullest potential and achieve their true personal success.

Kim Griffith, MA, creator of the WAVE Process® and CEO of Wave institute